Steck After School Taekwondo Enrichment

The Class will be in the TBA and starts at 3pm -4pm on TBA.

Taekwondo martial arts will allow students to become more focused, stronger, better coordinated, and grow in confidence and self-discipline. Since Modern-day Taekwondo’s official birth, Taekwondo is an official Olympic sport, Over 75 million people practice Taekwondo in more than 200 countries, Master Tiger Kim is a 7th Dan Black belt certified by the kukkiwon and the world Taekwondo Federation, and is also the AAU TKD State President and the CO State TKD Vice President. For any questions, please contact Master Tiger Kim @ 720-515-KICK. Additional information All enrichment students will need an official TKA uniform and patch cost is $50, Also, during enrichment session students may take a free class at Tiger Kim’s Academy at 5pm on Fridays or 11 am on Saturdays during enrichment cycle.. Uniforms must be purchased at TKA 1480 Steele St. Denver,CO 80206 NO CLASS JAN 18 – JAN 29- FEB 29.


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